Skill acquisition is the equipment of youths and the general workforce with the ability to be productive and contribute to the growth of a nation’s economy. Every thriving country globally is visibly dependent on the innovative prowess of the people who reside in them. In the global space, the United States holds the record of being the most promising economic nation and this can be attributed to the high productivity of its workforce.


Our nation on the flip side suffers a disturbing amount of unemployment and unproductivity despite its resourceful potentiality and large population. Currently, Nigeria’s unemployment rate is at a whopping 37% and is projected to rise to 45% in 2023 if a working solution is not implemented.


On this note, we have organized a youth empowerment program where young people are educated and skilled in vocational training and skill acquisition based on their interests. We are currently tutoring on beads and fascinator making and making plans to extend to other divisions. We have also made available professionals with substantial knowledge and experience to coach participants to an apex level of understanding and ultimately produce encouraging results.

The expected returns of this investment on young success-driven persons are to make youths self-reliant which will in turn reduce the issues of unemployment and dependency on white-collar jobs, equip youths with the required skills for their future job endeavors, contribute to the reduction of social vices in our societies and place the country amongst leading economies globally.

Conclusively, as much as the government is primarily responsible for job creation and citizen empowerment, we all as individuals and organizations can contribute to hastening the process by being a part of our program through donations, referrals, volunteering, and promotions to individuals who share a common interest.

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