We are excited to bring you details of the ongoing digital skill acquisition program organised by our foundation. This program is aimed at empowering young people with digital skills to meet up with the demands of our ever-changing world and an opportunity to learn new engaging digital trends.

The program was held on the 14th of April, and prior to this day, extensive advertisements had been made to promote and attract interested persons statewide. As expected, there was a considerable turn-up on the day of the program, and attendees’ registration commenced at 10 am.

The program manager welcomed the participants and enlightened them on the achievements and vision of the foundation and also the purpose of the organization of the skill acquisition program.;

To induce enthusiasm and liven up the atmosphere, a game session was held after which the training event commenced at exactly 10:30 am. The first phase of the program was an interactive lecture by the event facilitator on the vital tools needed in the digital marketing space and tips on improving online visibility and attracting the right leads to effectively transform into customers.

All work and no play they say gives room for boredom. At 11:45 am, a tea break and participant interaction commenced allowing participants to socially interact with themselves and also share knowledge of some personal experiences. The second phase of the program commenced at 12:15 pm, focusing on effectively utilising a graphic design tool as a free tool to make graphic designs for social media. Participants were taught how to download and sign up, and how to make posters, virtual cards, presentations, videos, and whiteboards for social media. Questions and areas of confusion were addressed and assignments were distributed to ensure continuity. The event came to an end at 1:30 pm with a conclusion remark from the program manager, encouraging them to be steadfast and committed to this rare opportunity of acquiring substance and relevance.

As we continue to contribute to the development of our youths, we urge everyone to be a part of a positive change in our society regardless of the magnitude. Every effort, contribution, and support will be a boost to the overall enhancement of our youths.  Every effort counts! Be sure to check out the photos below …

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