Osun state houses a population of over 4.7 million people however, more than half of the population is not computer-literate nor technologically inclined.

Technology is hastily taking over the operation of our daily lives and activities in education, entertainment, production, sports, religion, and others. A Lot of gadgets and machines are produced from the ability to operate the computer. As much as it may appear to be fast evolving and becoming a commonly used device, many of our children and youths are lacking the knowledge to utilize this new evolution in mankind, especially in our beloved state.

Computer education is the latest leading skill being acquired by many individuals around the world. It is a valuable acquisition that has sprouted a lot of individuals from mid-level to becoming valuable assets in their various disciplines and career choices. In Nigeria, one of the criteria for eligibility to participate in the national JAMB examination is the knowledge of computers; In many tertiary institutions globally, it is a necessity for students to be able to operate a computer.  In foreign countries, their citizens can produce technologically advanced machines and other solution-driven innovations with their knowledge of computer skills.

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Education of the people of Osun state in computer skill acquisition will allow them to be able to delve into other lucrative businesses provided by the knowledge of computers, these businesses such as data analysis, software programming, blockchain developers, web development, data analysis, graphic design, and other fruitful exploits. This will not only improve the individuals but also attract investors to the state and place it on a pedestal. There will also be easier ways to collate and store the data of the state accurately and increase the productivity and value of the state.

To not be deprived of the opportunities that surround our new modern world, we need to begin investing in the computer education of our children and interested youngsters in the state in computer programs by establishing centres where interested persons are taught the basics up to the complex stages, making provision of efficient working computer laboratories in schools, provide personal computers to individuals who have expressed interest and shown improvement, employment of highly educated tutors who have verifiable knowledge in computer study.

Osun state is an abode of highly intelligent and productive people who require a little provision of resources to achieve even greater feats. Individuals are encouraged to support the government by donating books, equipment, and other resources that would rapidly improve the value of the state.

*REGISTER fast for our upcoming free fully funded data analysis training covering Power BI and Microsoft Excel courses, seats are limited.


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