Food is a major necessity for the survival of humans, plants, and animals. It is the fount of nutrients that enables continued planetary activities, the absence of this necessity looms the world toward an unavoidable knot. This crisis is most detrimental to infants and nursing mothers in that an inadequate supply of food for the women affects their post-maternity recovery and reduces the nutritional value of their breast milk which consequently gives room for poor development and growth of the infants.

Global food crisis refers to exorbitant inflation that leads to a hike in food prices, cost of food production, and increased hunger. The world stands at risk of experiencing this problem. On the 16th of October, a mass protest was held in Paris, France, where the people expressed their concern about the distressing cost of living, particularly the constant soaring food prices in the country. In Nigeria, there are reports of food scarcity brought about by cases of flood situations in Anambra, Adamawa, Bayelsa, Delta, Imo, Kogi, and other states in the country, and has thus contributed to the global food crisis.

The causes of the global food crisis are not far-fetched and are mostly brought about by human negligence, the war between Ukraine and Russia has created an immense loophole. The tussle between these countries that are amongst the largest suppliers of fertilizer ingredients has affected supply and broken the balance of demand and supply chain. Conflicts occurring in various parts of the world have contributed to the crisis, making farming and organized transportation of goods almost impossible, there is also the issue of pandemics and changes in weather conditions. The worst hit by this situation is underdeveloped countries that depend majorly on imported food, equipment, and ingredients for survival.


The effects of the food crisis are undeniably glaring to our faces. An immeasurable number of children are currently affected by this. Many of the girl children are forced into early marriages as a gateway for survival and reduced burden on their parents; education becomes a dimmed light for them. It also sprouts an increase in societal vices, collapses the global economy, increases disease and illnesses, plunges more of the world’s population into poverty, increases death rates in the world, and loss of resourceful potential.

In the words of Lailah Gifty, there is always a solution to every situation. Even though the activities of humans to decrease this soaring crisis may not cut it out completely, there is never a reason to not make efforts. The utmost solution to this deadlock is to embrace peace, peace allows for stability and stability accommodates prosperity. We must seek to peacefully resolve disputes in times of disagreement, encourage and invest in agriculture, and reduce activities that promote climate change and environmental disasters.


In seeking a way out, we must desist from blaming the world and engage in solution-driven initiatives as a contribution to ending the crisis. Also, be reminded to make donations and volunteer when the bell of support rings at your door.  Please visit to join our effort un fighting poverty and food shortages at our active regions.

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