Our much anticipated mega outreach for the year was held on the 13th of October in the beautiful community of Farayola, Ibadan, Oyo state. The event which comprised; Medical Care facilitation; Soup Kitchen; and the girl-child and pad outreach was an all-around success, and more interestingly, our founders, Rahmat Ojo and Abideen Ojo graced the event with their presence.

Our team of medical professionals which included doctors, nurses, and laboratory scientists were fully prepared and eager to deliver their prowess.  Our volunteers readily made arrangements for shelter(canopies), chairs, medical equipment, food, and every necessary setting required for the smooth running of the event. At 11:40 am, all preparations were set for commencement.

The outreach event began at noon with an opening speech by our program manager (Oyo state branch) warmly welcoming all attendees to the event, introducing the foundation to the people, and informing them of the reason for the outreach. The bubbles and excitement from our guests were clear indications of their reception to all we had to offer. The floor was now granted to our medical practitioners, who extensively educated the attendees, majorly elderly and middle-aged men and women, on the importance of proper health maintenance, and the dire effects of ignorance and gave pocket-friendly medical advice on sustaining their health. They went further on carrying out malaria tests, blood levels, sugar levels, and weight checks on them as well as answering their questions and referring critical conditions to a medical centre respectively. The dental section was also burning down the candle and attending to individuals with dental issues as well as scaling and polishing of teeth.

Furthermore, our young girls were also fully attended to by the nurses with assistance from the foundation’s cofounder, Rahmat Ojo, educating them on menstrual hygiene and the ways it affects their health and physical appearance. The Soup Kitchen section ensured that all individuals who attended the event were catered for by providing them with food, drinks, and every other refreshing package. Towards the event of the program, medical kits and drugs for at least 2weeks of sustainability were distributed to the elderly while menstrual pads and pamphlets were given to the girls.

The wonderful experience was concluded at 4 pm with a closing remark by the founders expressing their joy at the manner of the reception given to the foundation and further advising them to adhere strictly to the prescriptions and directives of the doctors. The people expressed an elated feeling of appreciation for this act of kindness they witnessed and prayed for the continuity of our good works.

We express our profound appreciation to all of our volunteers, medical practitioners, and everyone who contributed immensely to the realization of the event.

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