Every individual desires to be a part of a family, a structure that supports their endeavour, a structure to lean on in difficult situations, and an enabling environment where love and togetherness reside. The loss of one’s parents emanates multiple hurdles and difficulties especially when the victim is at their earliest stage of growth.

Many times, the victims carry on the burden of self-care and the sad feeling of loss and others sometimes are unable to overcome the trauma. In Nigeria, there is an alarming silence on the plights of these fellows who are provided with little to zero support system both by the government and society. They are challenged by starvation, societal vices, the possibility of being trafficked and forced into child labour, and are highly vulnerable to diseases. The illiteracy and crime rate in the country can also be attributed to this depressing reality.

These children in some cases become orphans after terrible experiences of war, family feuds, robbery attacks, and other unhealthy occurrences. For this reason, they require therapy to help guide and reduce the effects of their encounters.

As a nation, as a society, and as individuals, we are urged to rise to action, we are urged to take a subtle look around and realize the necessity of engaging these young ones into meaningful structures. The church, society, well-meaning individuals, and the government must begin to look into the affairs and issues concerning them and implement solutions.

Our organization is always and readily on the lookout for opportunities to support orphanage homes in their operations or in their distress. This year we’re introducing the ‘Adopt an Orphan’ geared to support orphanage homes in their operations and education on their wards in quality schools.

We encourage you to be a part of this by joining our cause either by volunteering or donating in funds or kind. It is imperative that you should know that your contributed quota would go a long way. You can give in educational goods, services and the like. Kindly find below a list of the orphanage homes we would be working with.

  1. Toras orphanage
  2. Little saints orphanage
  3. He careth orphanage
  4. Dorcas Oyediji motherless babies home


You too can be a part of this by visiting the link at  GET INVOLVED or CONTACT US to support us, we look forward to hearing from you.


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