Kiitan Foundation is a duly registered non-governmental organization. It was founded with the hope of continuing the act of giving to the needy and being of selfless service to mankind.
Kiitan Foundation has been involved in several humanitarian causes which includes but not limited to; medical aid outreach, food palliatives distribution, orphanage support, soup kitchen events, women’s trust events, widows’/widowers’ support & empowerment, educational funding and many others.

We stand firmly by our mission and vision; Our mission is to continue to reach out and alleviate the distress of the less privileged in different regions far and wide. Our vision Is to create a better condition of life for every orphan, widow, child, disabled, and all other underprivileged individuals from one precinct to the other until it resonates all over the world.

Under no circumstances would Kiitan Foundation or its representatives solicit for funds or mandatory payments, monetary or otherwise in exchange for services to the underprivileged individuals or communities we visit. The selfless and voluntary acts of services we provide to communities are 100% free and financed by our founder and donors who make use of our websites for donations or write to us for donations.

Our donations procedure is quite straightforward and is not mandatory for those using our websites or visiting our social media platforms in any way. Our financial reports are accessible to donors via our communication channels which is via emailing the addresses at the bottom of this message.

Any person or group of persons who seek to use the name of this foundation for such false or dishonest act is termed illegal and is doing so out of their own interests. Such individuals do not represent Kiitan Foundation and as such, must be disregarded and reported to the right authorities. Kiitan Foundation has taken measures to prevent such acts by acting swiftly to protect the targeted individuals or communities but we would not allow such situations to deter us from our main goals and objectives.

Kiitan Foundation is diligently and continually committed to the wellbeing of her immediate communities and does not seek favours, payments or funds from beneficiaries or beneficiary communities to do the work we were created to do to humanity.

For further information, enquiries and requests, only get in touch with the following authorized contact details below;

Our hotline: 07045643715
Email: /

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