Kiitan Foundation Co-founder

Rahmat Ojo is a registered nurse in the United States who got a different perspective of life after moving to America at the age of 13 years. She was born and raised in Lagos state Nigeria, and her return to the country after 10 years in the US made her realize that there was a lot of the underprivileged struggling to make ends meet and access the basic amenities important to people. She realized that the same situation of the struggle of mothers, fathers, widows and widowers seem to get worse as she grew older. Her belief is to make significant changes in the lives of people no matter how little, one bit at a time.

The drive of being a founder of KIITAN Foundation to her came as a fact that the human stress can be eradicated by helping one person out one person at a time. Therefore taking the opportunity to help one vulnerable life and then the next, through providing basic amenities as well as health care opportunities to the needy and the sick. “I believe saving the world starts with one person.”

Rahmat Ojo is grateful for all the resources and opportunities at her disposal after moving to the United States and has pledged to support KIITAN Foundation immensely in the area of basic healthcare to the charity among other pledges.

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