Every economy thrives on the skill acquisition of its people, it grows the economy, paves way for investors, and boosts the overall development of a nation. Skills are creative expertise acquired to produce innovative technologies and advanced products that recruit income and provide solutions to a problem.

In today’s world, countries with high levels of skill acquisition are thriving the most, especially those in the digital and technology sector. Countries like Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and Australia are amongst the world’s thriving economies because of their highly skilled workforce.

In Nigeria, it is a sad situation. A large number of the working population are old and lagging in the advancement of modern technologies, the few skilled workers are trooping out of the nation in mass and the youths are mostly idle and have little to nothing to contribute to the nation. The absence of empowerment of the populace is a contributing factor to the increase in vices.

The youths are the major target for skill empowerment owing to them being the largest of the nation’s population. We need to make the environment enabling enough by making provisions for skill acquisition and as well provide means of sustenance, particularly for those interested in the initiative.

For you to take advantage of our fully funded training programs, you must be physically available to attend as well as be able to claim your seat at our offices, please see the training venues below according to the course selected.

Data Analysis Training (Power BI and Microsoft Excel): Kiitan Foundation, Oje Olobi market, opposite AP filling station, Ede, Osun state

Fashion Designing, Bead-making and Fascinator-making: Ibadan, Oyo state.


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