Our decision to celebrate with these exceptional children underscores our unwavering dedication to ensuring that every child, regardless of the challenges they face, feels valued and cherished within their community and the nation at large. The state program manager spearheaded the event, emphasizing the essence of the global Children’s Day celebration—spreading love and support for every child and recognizing their unique contributions.

The carefully planned event featured a variety of games and activities thoughtfully tailored to match the diverse intellectual and physical capabilities of the pupils. These activities were designed not only to impact valuable life lessons but also to create an engaging and unforgettable experience for each child. Among the highlights was a spirited painting competition involving senior boys and girls and their assistants. This competition aimed to emphasize the significance of cooperation, teamwork, and efficiency in achieving objectives. The organization provided unpainted art, colors, and brushes for the five-minute challenge. The senior girl and her assistant, representing the female gender, emerged victorious, while the senior boy and his assistant secured the second position.

Following the painting competition, a game of ‘Simon Says’ was conducted with 10 students. This game aimed to instill attentiveness in various settings such as school, roads, and home through simple commands and instructions.

The participants enthusiastically followed the prompts and demonstrating their keen listening skills.The winners of the games were rewarded with various gifts, adding to the excitement and joy of the day. Additionally, all pupils were treated to snacks including rocky bits baked chin chin, Mr. Fruits/Viju milk drink, and cheese balls, ensuring everyone had a delightful time.

The event concluded with group photographs and expressions of gratitude from the Assistant Headmistress, Mrs. Ademola, one of the teachers, Mrs. Oyedepo, and two pupils. Their words of appreciation highlighted the profound impact of our efforts and the importance of such inclusive celebrations.

Fully sponsored by Kiitan Foundation, the event was executed flawlessly by the state program manager and four dedicated volunteers. The program wrapped up at exactly 12 noon with smiles, laughter, and cherished memories among the pupils and staff alike.

This Children’s Day celebration at the Powerline School for Persons with Special Needs reiterates our commitment to empowering and uplifting every child, ensuring they feel seen, loved, and supported.

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