This reminds us of our pasts when we couldn’t wait to be adults and here we are again hoping to be younger again, being excited and rushing out with our chairs to get the best seating position to receive goodies from well-meaning individuals. Being careless with the sweats of adolescence.

We are indeed insatiable and until we experience different lives, we really cannot judge from our own lenses how others should cope with their struggles. The difference we can make is help others paint a better picture of their own future and take steps in working towards it.

The children are in school because parents, guardians, and donors chose to take that step. You too can do it, you can pick a child in your neighborhood and send them to school. Help with educating the little ones so that they have the power to choose a better future for themselves and not end up where a depressive life dumps them. Take this to heart today that our future depends on how much impact we make today – every day.

If you are unsure of how to go about making an impact, you can visit to find a cause that suits you.

Image: The girl child and the pad outreach event Osun State.


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