Charity is a powerful way to make positive impacts on the lives of oneself and others. Children’s Day celebration is always an event we look forward to with euphoria, not just because it’s a day to celebrate the young ones but a day to reassess our ways of interacting with them. This event was out of our regular schedule as we chose to celebrate the day with the children of the Oyiza orphanage at the University of Ibadan Zoo to create fun, learning, and lasting memories.

The day started with the program manager and volunteers assembling at a designated meeting point, eagerly anticipating the day ahead. At 9:00 am, they boarded a bus, their hearts brimming with excitement and a sense of purpose. Forty-three minutes into the hour, the group arrived at the orphanage and, together with the children and a staff member, set off on an adventure to the zoo. The children’s faces lit up with joy as they were handed bottles of water and soda, ensuring they stayed refreshed throughout the day.
At the zoo, the children marveled at various creatures, from crocodiles to giraffes, foxes to jackals. The tour guide brought the animals to life through captivating stories, sharing insights into their characteristics, feeding habits, and fascinating facts. Filled with curiosity, the children absorbed every bit of knowledge, expanding their understanding of the natural world.

By 12:05 pm, the zoo tour ended, and the group made their way to a nearby restaurant for a much-deserved lunch. Laughter filled the air as the children, staff members, and volunteers sat together, sharing stories and enjoying a delicious meal. The lunch break offered a precious opportunity for bonding and creating lasting connections.

As lunch drew to a close around 2:00 pm, the children’s excitement grew even more. Each child received a gift pack, a tangible reminder of the day’s adventures, as a token of love and care from us to them. The joy on their faces was immeasurable and created a deep fulfilment in us.
At 3:20 pm, it was time to bid farewell to the orphanage. The children and staff members were safely transported back, their hearts filled with newfound memories and gratitude. Before parting ways, the program manager engaged in a brief discussion with the orphanage administrator, who expressed profound appreciation to the foundation for organizing the event. The administrator eagerly looked forward to future collaborations, recognizing the positive influence such experiences can have on the children’s lives, and at 3:45 PM, the event came to a close.

This day of volunteering has been a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on everyone involved. Through their dedication and unwavering commitment, Aramide Davids, Olamide Akano, Oluwakemi Adisa, and Oluwakemi Ogbontigba, along with the entire team of volunteers, created a day filled with joy, learning, and compassion for the children. Such acts of kindness remind us of the transformative power of volunteering, caring, and exerting a profound impact on others. With every smile, every shared moment, and every act of generosity, we made a difference, fostering hope and spreading love.  See photos from the event below:

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