The fifth month of the year 2020 May went well for our foundation. We continued with the Covid-19 Initiative where we delivered raw food items to the needy, we successfully distributed hundreds of food packages to requesting households nationwide. 

We acquired a food bank in Lagos to help with quicker distribution to the beneficiaries residing in Lagos which helped in easing the delivery time and speed. We realised that most of the requests for food items came from Lagos state which prompted us to set up the food bank. We still have the hopes of doing more all through the nation.

We planned an exciting event for children’s day and selected the orphanage home Little saints orphanage, Ibadan, Oyo state as the beneficiary. For this event, we reached out to vendors for party favours, food, cake, snacks, games and children’s character appearances. We ensured that the environment was clean and safe for us, the volunteers, children and other adults present. This is in line with ensuring the reduction of the spread of coronavirus after the easing of the nationwide lockdown.

The event was about the kids and we ensured that they experienced the love and kindness they deserved even though this was a day dedicated to children all over the world, it is impertinent to know that children are to be cared for and protected at all times. It was such a great feeling to experience the joy their smiles, playfulness and laughter brought us. We couldn’t ask for more.

People present at the outreach:1 PR Representative, 3 volunteers, 1 official photographer, and 1 driver.


The purpose of this program was to ensure that the orphans in the home of Little Saints Orphanage experienced a real kiddies’ party event, get dressed up and come out to have fun. This was achieved in a clean and safe environment and chaperoned by about 4 adults.

We are already excited and planning to do more for other underprivileged homes

You can view all photos of the event here.

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