It’s that time again in the year when we get to celebrate the most precious of God’s gift to humanity. A gift that brings undiluted happiness and love to every family, a gift that plants hope for a better future, a gift that resonates with growth and prosperity.

Our children are our future, our shoulder to lay on in our weak and unfruitful days, they are our hope for a better and healthier planet. For these responsibilities we have placed on them, we have also placed a responsibility on ourselves to groom and nurture them to be their best.

As we celebrate every child globally, we are reminded of the intense need to improve child care, support and protection for them. We are reminded of the societal vices they are exposed to which places them at vulnerability, we are reminded to take a pause on our struggles for survival and attend to the personal needs of our children for their survival. We are reminded of the importance of education which we owe them, we are reminded of their need for a secure society which they lack and thus has taken away many of their peers, we are reminded of the need to be compassionate to the children on the streets who lack parental care and support, we are reminded of our responsibility to their dreams of exploring and attaining greatness.

Today, whilst we celebrate children in our families, we should as well endeavour to extend the love to kids in our neighbourhood, kids on the street, kids in orphanage homes, kids living in slums, and kids with disabilities. A popular African adage says; ‘a child is not only raised by its parents but by the community’ and for this reason, we all have a role to play in their transition to adulthood.

To our kindhearted individuals who desire to celebrate this day for our children but are unable to due to their busy schedules, we are open to donations and assistance in making this year’s children’s day celebration a delightful one for all kids.

Happy Children’s Day to our future!! We love you and cherish the beautiful
moments you bring to the world; to the beautiful souls we lost to the gun killing in Texas, you will forever live in our hearts. Check out our children’s day outreach slated for today at Ibadan, Oyo state.

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