We witnessed an event that brought together the best and brightest students for the Children’s Day Inter-School Debate on May 24th in Ibadan. The inter-school debate was hosted at Rich Head Heights School, this day-long celebration of intellect and oratory skills was more than just a competition; it was a testament to the power of youth engagement and community spirit. The preparations began early, with all volunteers and the Program Manager arriving at 8 am to ensure everything was perfectly in place. By 9 am, the atmosphere was charged with excitement as students, staff, and the event’s master of ceremonies and DJ arrived. By 10 am, the hall was filled with eager participants, judges and spectators, ready for the event to commence.

The program officially kicked off at 10:10 am with an opening prayer led by both a Christian and a Muslim student, reflecting the event’s spirit of inclusion. Following the opening prayer, everyone stood for the national anthem, a moment that unified all present. The schools were then recognized, setting the stage for the day’s activities. The Program Manager from Kiitan Foundation delivered an inspiring speech, highlighting the importance of such events in promoting youth development and empowerment. This was followed by engaging icebreakers that set a lively tone for the day. The judges —Rosemary Adama, Bisola Oyetunde, and Lateefah Isiaq were introduced. Each school sent their brightest minds to represent them, and as the debate began, it was clear that the students had invested considerable effort into their research and preparation. The competition was fierce, yet respectful, showcasing the incredible public speaking skills and critical thinking abilities of the young debaters.

After intense rounds of debate, the winners were announced:
Rich Head Heights School – First Place
Optimum College – Second Place
Exceller College – Third Place

Each debater received a medal and gifts, while the winning schools proudly took home trophies and additional prizes. The joy and excitement among the participants was visible to all as they celebrated their hard-earned victories. The event was not just about competition; it was also spiced up with fun activities.   Following the formal proceedings, everyone enjoyed refreshments, and the students had the chance to let loose with dancing and various games. The winners of these games were also rewarded with gifts, adding to the festive atmosphere.

The program concluded with a closing speech from the Program Manager, who emphasized the importance of such initiatives in promoting youth development. Many students expressed a keen interest in volunteering with the Foundation, demonstrating the event’s significant impact. Their contact details were collected for future engagement, marking the beginning of a new wave of young volunteers eager to contribute to their community.

The Children’s Day Inter-School Debate ended on a high note at 4:12 pm, leaving behind a legacy of inspiration and enthusiasm among the students and staff. The appreciation shown by the participating schools was evident to the event’s success, encouraging us to continue such impactful initiatives. This event not only provided a platform for young minds to shine but also reinforced the importance of unity, learning, and community in fostering a brighter future for the youth. Images of the event below:

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