So, we took an important step to support the medical industry in areas they may not be able to reach at this time. It’s rare for the government to initiate outreaches brought to the doorstep of the people at this pandemic period. The healthcare system is still overwhelmed and cautious even after the eased lockdown. While the fight against the novel disease ‘coronavirus’ is still ongoing, we didn’t forget that other life-threatening diseases and ailments were still in existence. Sometimes a little rest is enough to refuel our health while other times we may need to see a licensed medical specialist in the appropriate field for proper medical attention and treatment.

We initiated the medical outreach to come with the Soup Kitchen event at Osun state this time around because we wanted to entertain participating beneficiaries while they make life-changing decisions concerning their health.

They had the option of receiving their meals before seeing the licenced nurses or meeting the licenced nurses first then proceeding to the food stand, the decision was up to them according to their preference. Here’s an excerpt from the office of the P.R.;

We visited Aragberi of Iragberi town and met with the queen (who stood in the gap for the king) in the person of Dr. Mrs. Makanjuola, we discussed the objectives of the organization for establishing such program as it does not have any political undertone and nothing will be required from the community as payment of any kind for any of the services rendered.

We were given the approval for our outreach program and in return promised to send a delegate from the palace to honour the program. We were offered Baptist Day Primary School for the venue of the program.

About the location

Iragberi is a small town located in Egbedore LGA in Osun State with low access to healthcare. In severe condition of medical cases, residents will have to travel to nearby towns like Ede or Osogbo for full diagnosis and treatments.


What we did

The medical outreach program captured the vital signs which are temperature, weight, height, blood pressure, blood sugar and the giving of drug supplements (vitamin C and multivitamins). The foundation went with licensed nurses who helped with the tests and the medical instrument used.

Upon the arrival of our team, we already had about one hundred members of the community waiting for the medical outreach program to start. In attendance also was the CAN chairman for Iragberi chapter Pastor Ilesanmi and a delegate sent by the queen (Dr. Mrs. Makanjuola) to honour the program. The members of the community were addressed by the Osun  State P.R. Adedokun Helen; who explained the mission and the track records of the organization to them; also one of the nurses Janet Oluwafemi gave a brief health talk and the order in which the test would take before the commencement of the program fully. After this, serial numbers were given to people for orderliness.

The two programs (medical outreach and soup kitchen) ran simultaneously, as the organization went with 4 volunteers, 6 nurses (in addition to the queen’s delegate) and security team to ensure order. We were able to feed all attending beneficiaries (young and old).

We also handed out some merchandise to the community people as a souvenir for attending. We are happy to say the program was a huge success. The whole community was happy for the 2 programs (soup kitchen and medical outreach) brought to them, as it makes them to remember that ‘health is wealth’ and ‘nutritious meal gives strength to the body and soul’.

Also, the nurses and volunteers were happy to be part of the community service as ‘service to humanity is the best works of life’.

Lastly, no casualty was recorded from the community people, the staffs, volunteers and other teams. Find photos below:







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