The period of Ramadan is always a memorable time for Muslims around the world, it is an observation of the Islamic lunar calendar that requires all Muslim faithful to fast between the hours of dawn to sundown in the holy month.

As a charity organization geared towards touching the lives of the underprivileged and needy in the society as well as promoting love and empathy one step at a time, Kiitan Foundation realized the need to do that which it is best known for – charitable giving.

On the 29th day of April 2022, our outreach program was carried out at Sekona Central Mosque, Ede, Osun state. The event commenced at about 4:50 pm with the recitation of some Islamic verses and prayers by one of the religious leaders followed by the state program manager addressing the attendees while also giving cursory details of the purpose of the foundation, its objectives and goals.

We intimated the attendees about our charity organisation and charity activities that we have successfully launched and currently run like; the pad outreach program; advocacy for the protection of the girl-child; countless charity programs as well as other events to come.

The representative of the chief imam gave a welcome speech. He further addressed his fellow brethrens on the significance of the holy month, the lessons to be learnt during the period, the importance of looking out for one another and also the blessings of Allah on those who obediently observe the Ramadan. The audience was also afforded the opportunity to share their experiences and lessons obtained so far in the holy month.

This program was effectively carried out with ease with the help of the state program manager, four volunteers and an official photographer.

We were about to serve 300 persons(children, adults and the elderly) with fruits, drinks and meals.

The chief imam who was in extreme happiness expressed his delight at the benevolent act of kindness offered by the organisation, he solicited for the inclusion of the Sekona town in consecutive programs to be organized, words of encouragement and prayers were offered to the volunteers and organisation.

Having the opportunity to place a smile and spread love to many in this season is a big step and encouragement to us in achieving our objectives and we are very excited about the many charity programs we have in store. See more photos from our event below:

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