Warning: This article contains graphical images depicting women’s health and body..

In honor of World Cancer Survivor Day on June 5th, Kiitan Foundation, a renowned humanitarian organization dedicated to instilling hope in people’s lives, organized a remarkable event in collaboration with Dove-Haven Foundation. The event aimed to provide free cancer health education and cervical screenings specifically for women in Ede North Local Government Area. The partnership with Dove-Haven Foundation, a non-governmental organization focused on reducing cancer prevalence in Nigeria, amplified the impact of the event. 

A dedicated team conducted door-to-door mobilization efforts, further promoting participation in the program.

The event commenced at 10:30 am in the conference section of Kiitan Foundation’s office, with an enthusiastic audience of 44 females. The attendees included Kiitan Foundation staff, a volunteer nurse, and the Dove-Haven Foundation team, led by Dr. Samuel Ekundayo, the Executive Director. Dr. Oke Rebecca and Mrs. Alo Phoebe, Director of Primary Health Centers for Osun State, also graced the occasion. 

Dr. Samuel Ekundayo delivered a comprehensive health education session, shedding light on the various aspects of cancer. He comprehensively explained the possible victims of the illness, the parts of the body that cancer can impact, its causes, as well as prevention, testing, and management methods. Dr. Ekundayo also cleared the air on common misconceptions about cancer. Following the informative session, participants were encouraged to ask questions and share their knowledge and experiences regarding cancer. This interactive segment fostered a supportive and engaging environment.

The screening exercise, facilitated by the Dove-Haven Foundation team, took place in a private room prepared within the Kiitan Foundation office. Out of the 44 attendees, 27 individuals underwent screening, while 6 females were exempted due to age restrictions. Unfortunately, time constraints prevented all eligible participants from being screened. Despite this challenge, the program concluded around 3:30 pm with expressions of gratitude and remarks from the participants.

As the first of its kind organized by the Kiitan Foundation, the event received overwhelming praise and positive feedback from the participants. The engagement from the community was particularly heartening, with people traveling from neighboring towns such as Sekona, Modakeke, and Ibadan to benefit from the free screenings. The program undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the attendees and fostered a deeper understanding of cancer-related matters.

The positive response from the participants and the support from the community showcased the immense value of such initiatives. By continuing to prioritize cancer awareness and screenings, these organizations have set a roadmap that is encouraged to be emulated by other non-governmental organizations and government-owned parastatals.  View images of the event below:

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