In a heartwarming event held at Benber Foundation on December 27th, 2023, Kiitan Foundation extended its reach to members of the Joint National Association of People with Disability (JONAPD) in Osun State. The central theme was simple yet profound: ‘inclusivity’. Kiitan Foundation’s commitment to embracing people with disabilities took center stage as we distributed wheelchairs to those in need.

The event commenced at 11:30 am, set against the backdrop of the Benber Foundation event center in Osogbo. Facilitated by Mr. Smith Aganthi, a passionate JONAPD member. The atmosphere was one of unity and purpose. Kiitan Foundation’s team, along with JONAPD stakeholders, including the president, Mr. Stephen Idowu, and key coordinators, gathered for a day that would leave a lasting impact.

Mr. Smith Aganthi, in his opening remarks, provided an insightful overview of Kiitan Foundation’s activities in the state and articulated the reason behind their collaboration with JONAPD. The goal was clear: to identify with people living with disabilities through various life-enhancing programs. The president of JONAPD, Mr. Idowu Stephen, welcomed our team warmly as his words resonated with encouragement and resilience. As a visually impaired individual who had overcome the challenges life presented, he shared his journey of becoming a teacher despite his blindness. His story underscored the essence of pursuing dreams irrespective of physical limitations.

The Kiitan Foundation state program manager took the stage, offering words of admonition and inspiration to the beneficiaries. She eloquently conveyed the mission and vision of the organization, emphasizing the need for individuals not to set limitations in their minds citing renowned figures like Cobahms Asuquo and Pastor Nick Vujicic, she highlighted the immense potential within each person, regardless of physical challenges.

An important moment unfolded as beneficiaries were called forward one by one to receive wheelchairs. In a gesture of genuine care, seven wheelchairs, strategically distributed among three children and four adults, found new owners. Additionally, five walking frames and one wheelchair were collected on behalf of members unable to attend due to mobility issues.

The event was skillfully facilitated by the state program manager, and volunteers. Beyond the tangible impact of the wheelchairs, this outreach promulgated a powerful message that every individual, regardless of physical ability, deserves love, encouragement, and the opportunity to pursue their dreams, reiterating that every small act of kindness can create a change, shaping a more inclusive and compassionate society.

View images from the event below:

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