We welcome you to the closing part of the month of August. Even as our other activities are in automated motion, we decided to give a thought to the teachers and how they were faring during the pandemic.

Schools’ sessions in all levels and regions have been put on hold ever since the compulsory lockdown came into effect. Since the month of February, fees were not required to be paid for institutions who couldn’t afford the e-learning system of teaching hence teachers not getting paid.

It is safe to say that most government-owned schools were able to support their staffs (teaching and non-teaching) but most low-income private schools had since been struggling.

The Teacher’s Aid Program tagged ‘MAKE OUR TEACHERS SMILE AGAIN INITIATIVE’ was carried out on the 13th and 14th of August, 2020 at Ede north and Egbedore local government of Osun state. As part of our organization’s goals and objectives of reaching out to the underprivileged and helping the society, this brought about the TEACHERS’ AID PROGRAM in the state.

As this is an emergency aid needed at this particular moment, the organization focused only on 2 private schools in Osun state; one from Ede north and one from Egbedore LGA. One of the criteria considered in selecting the school used was selecting the schools that are currently not doing online teaching/coaching for their students through their staffs as the online teaching also aids paying a token as salary to the teachers. The private schools selected for the program were COMET BASIC SCHOOL, EDE and PISON GOLD MONTESSORI SCHOOL, OSOGBO.

The initiative catered for 10 teaching staffs and 1 nonteaching staff at COMET BASIC SCHOOL, also 7 teaching staffs, proprietress and 1 nonteaching staff at PISON GOLD MONTESSORI. A sum of #10,000 was given to each teaching staff and the proprietress while #8,000 was given to the non-teaching staff.

We recorded great success during this initiative as the teachers were happy for the palliative given to them as there had not been an alternative source of income for them since the compulsory lockdown started. 



We would like to plead with government and other stakeholders including philanthropists and corporate organizations to take part in this cause to care for the teachers who hold the knowledge reservoir of our generation. They should be taken care of as they get back on their feet to do what they love.

Find photos from the event at the two locations below;


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