In the heart of Ashi, Oyo State, under the warm September sun, a group of dedicated volunteers and I embarked on a mission that would leave an indelible mark on the lives of young girls and women. This was the day of “The Girl and the Pad” Free Clothing Distribution Outreach, a day dedicated to raising awareness about menstruation and menstrual hygiene while providing essential support to those in need.

Our objectives were straightforward but profound:

We aimed to shatter the silence that often surrounds menstruation, a natural and vital aspect of a woman’s life. Our mission was to provide comprehensive education to dispel myths and misconceptions.

Access to sanitary products is a basic necessity, yet many in underserved communities lack this privilege. We sought to bridge this gap by distributing sanitary pads to those who needed them most. Knowledge is power, and in this case, it was the power to make informed choices about menstrual health. We had dedicated volunteers, including a compassionate medical professional, ready to answer questions and provide guidance.

The day began with a burst of enthusiasm as our volunteers and I gathered at the outreach location at 10:00 am to set up the venue. By 11:00 am, our venue was transformed into a safe and welcoming space for young girls, mothers, and women of various ages.

We initiated the day by introducing Kiitan Foundation’s mission and objectives to the community. It was crucial for us to establish trust and transparency, ensuring that everyone understood the purpose behind our outreach.

One of the highlights of the day was the presence of a volunteer medical professional. She served as a beacon of support, addressing the concerns of young girls and women regarding their menstrual health. For those with more complex issues, she offered referrals to nearby hospitals.

For the younger girls who had just embarked on their menstrual journey, our volunteers provided hands-on guidance. They learned how to use and dispose of sanitary pads properly. Some even had the opportunity to demonstrate what they had learned, boosting their confidence and knowledge.

Following the educational session, we transitioned to free clothing distribution. We had thoughtfully organized clothing, books, and shoes sections, ensuring that each beneficiary could select four items. This generosity not only addressed their immediate menstrual needs but also provided them with essential clothing and educational materials.

As the day drew to a close at 4:00 pm, a palpable sense of gratitude filled the air. The beneficiary community expressed heartfelt thanks to the Kiitan Foundation for the program, and their hopes were high for future outreaches.

“The Girl and the Pad” Free Clothing Distribution Outreach transcended being a mere event; it was a transformative step towards empowerment and breaking down societal taboos. By providing education, sanitary products, and clothing, we not only met immediate needs but also paved the way for a brighter and more informed future for these young girls and women.

Ultimately, it was a day brimming with hope, compassion, and the firm belief that small actions can yield significant change. Together, we made a profound difference in the lives of those we touched, and the ripple effect of this outreach will resonate for years to come. See photos from the events below:

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