Education is the foundation for a civilized society and a prosperous nation. A society that deprives its children of good education plants seeds for social vices and how a society treats its children says a lot about that society. In developed countries, the education of a child is as important as the economy of that nation because a flourishing economy emanates from good education.

In Africa, Nigeria is ranked amongst the countries with the highest out-of-school children on an estimate of about 10.5million and ranks second in the world after China. According to UNESCO Institute of Statistics, 60% of youth between the ages of 15 and 17 are out of school in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The effects of poor education in a country ranges from underdevelopment to insecurity, poverty, social vices, and a lot more. Efforts by the Coca-Cola Foundation, East African Children Fund(EACF), Dubai Cares, Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED), Foundation for African Children Education (FACE), EduKaid, Ripple Africa are a list of the many charity organizations that have helped and still helping in the education of the African child in different parts of Africa. These organizations have helped provide reading and writing materials, textbooks, delivery of scholarships, providing school kits such as uniforms, school sandals, backpacks, basic stationery. Some organizations even go as far as providing lunch for schools under their initiatives.

Also in Nigeria, many charity foundations are supporting with their efforts to boost education levels in the country. Well-meaning individuals are also encouraged to make donations to organizations and NGOs in fostering their charity work.

It is however also very important that the government in various African countries should do more in promoting education by increasing the budget allocation to education, training, and employing more personnel in the education sector, and also administering proper welfare packages for teachers/trainers.

Every child deserves an opportunity to be educated and should by no means be deprived of this universal human right they’re entitled to, we advocate the importance of education in every society, encourage parents to enroll their wards in schools that are available to them.

In attending to the needs of the African child through education, the government will be solving a vital issue in our communities and also creating a better world for all.

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