Communities thrive because of the efforts of the people who work on behalf of human charity, and philanthropy. Businesses prosper when they invest in charity organisations. This is known as taking corporate social responsibility to a much higher level of commitment, with true partnerships transpiring between business leaders and members of the nonprofit organisations. it can be advantageous to the business in the long run.

Why should businesses partner with a charity?
For many companies, charitable partnerships are key to their relationships with clients and decision-makers in their localities.
Kiitan Foundation can assist in helping businesses create strong and brilliant community relationships. This is as a result of these businesses going beyond the occasional charitable donations. It is imperative for businesses, and business leaders to invest in the communities in which they wish to do business, to make those communities better places in which to live and work.”

If you already give to charity personally, adding a charitable partnership to your business model may seem like an unnecessary complication. But the infrastructure and scope of your business can allow your volunteer hours and donations, whether monetary or in-kind, to have far more impact than individual giving.

Also, educating employees on giving and the advantages of supporting a charity organisation can change their perspective of life wholly. Imagine your staff knowing that a dollar from their monthly salary can get a child off the streets and into the four walls of a school to get an education and be on the way to being successful and useful to his/her society in the nearest future – the crime rate in such community would be impacted positively. Other businesses can also partner with charity initiatives that are along with their business niche and impact them positively.

Did you know that one of the heartwarming things that can happen to anybody is receiving a handwritten ‘Thank you’ card from the partner-foundation with the picture of a child that was helped to get an education or to a vocational camp – this can help point a direction to what the charity has been doing with their donations.

Kiitan Foundation would be transparent with reports on the impact of the donations, the disbursement arrangement and positive impacts in the lives of the beneficiaries. Reports can be requested at any time but should allow 7 working days for presentation.

How to choose a charity to work with
As a business, when you choose a charity to work with, you want the partnership to feel like a natural extension of your business and a pleasant experience. The charity’s work should be something that both your existing workforce and your community of customers are excited about contributing to.
It could be a donation geared towards a cause you relate to or have a passion about. If this cause is not listed among our suite causes, we would speak with you and find a balance for you. Having a passion for a cause would help motivate you to remember why you donate. This is simply finding out the issue you are passionate about and investing in a solution.

Before finalising your partnership, however, make sure the organisation you select will make responsible use of your contributions. Otherwise, you could risk backlash against your business should the charity receive negative press or become involved in a scandal.

Creating a business relationship with a charity
When it comes to your relationship with your selected charity, there are many options. you can start by making a monetary donation to demonstrate that you are serious about helping rather than simply looking for good press. Showing commitment by writing a check first will show commitment, as charity organisations are always in need to foster their goals daily. There should be a focus on what is achievable together and make sure there is buy-in.” You may donate a set amount at specific points throughout the calendar year or designate a certain percentage of every income as a charitable contribution.

Donating your services to the relevant cause is also possible, especially for small businesses working with a local charity partner. A catering company could assist by providing quality meals for free.

Another option is making volunteer hours part of your company’s culture, such as closing the office one day a month to have employees work at a food bank or a soup kitchen or donate their professional skills to a local organisation.

No matter what form your partnership with the charity takes, it should be sustainable for your business and create real benefit for the charity you are working with. Before kickstarting, there should be clearly understood goals for both the nonprofit and the business providing the sponsorship.

How charity impacts your business
Firstly, your involvement with a charity organisation should stem from your belief in it without expecting a financial return BUT you will surely get a return regardless.
From improving your professional/brand’s reputation to attracting new customers, investing in a charity can improve both the bottom line and the professional reputation of your company.
You can also create an emotional connection with community leaders that can impact business opportunities for you in the future.

For many potential donors like you, giving to a cause your clients care about creates a relationship of trust and loyalty that will directly impact their sales. Imagine having an insurance company and getting appreciative phone calls from communities, research camps or beneficiary group’ members thanking you for your donations and then probably after a month or two, you get a call from the same persons asking if about assisting with their family’s life insurance needs.

Partnership with a charity organisation is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Kiitan foundation would love to work with you going forward in the mutual assistance in committing to corporate social responsibility.

At Kiitan Foundation, we can get you started on a cause to support and a guide on how you can stay dedicated.

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