Our monthly soup kitchen and healthcare awareness outreach slated for the 6th of March took place at Ekuro and Idoo community of Egbedore LGA in Osun State. We combined two beneficiary communities for this outreach as they have very close proximity to each other, this saved us extra expenses in commuting to individual communities.


The program began at 10:30am with the opening prayer said by Rev’d Oyeyemi (minister in charge of First Baptist church, Ekuro) while the state representative gave the welcome address and brief introduction of the our charity organization and what we represent.

We intimated the beneficiary community members of our services to humanity which bore no costs to them.

After the welcome address, his Royal Highness Oba Azeez Olalekan welcomed our volunteer medical personnels and non-medical volunteers to the venue; he gave accolades to the organization for bringing the outreach to his community without any conditions attached. He happily recommended that the beneficiaries present should emulate the heart of giving which was shown to them at the Kiitan Foundation’s outreach.

One of the volunteer doctors Dr. Bayode gave a brief health talk on the essence of quality food and personal hygiene. She made it known to the participants that most of contacted sicknesses/diseases gain access to the body as a result of lack of balanced diet and poor personal hygiene. She went further in admonishing them that despite the nature of their work as farmers, they needed to take good and proper care of themselves, their environments, food and health. She also recommended periodic health checks at nearby and licensed health centres in order to know the status of their blood pressure, blood sugar and other vital signs.

The next program afterwards was sensitisation by DR. Bayode on the COVID-19 disease by encouraging personal care and protective measures to be adopted by everyone (for adults, children and surroundings). Abiding by these recommendations (wearing of nose mask, washing of hands with soap and water, avoiding crowded places, and practising social-distancing) can help curb the spread of the disease.

The healthcare and kitchen commenced gracefully and we were able to cover the following;

  • Giving of number for orderliness
  • BMI checks
  • Vital signs check
  • Registration of client for further medical investigation
  • Clinical diagnosis
  • Drug dispensation
  • Soup kitchen

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