Nigeria enjoys a warm tropical climatic condition with relatively high temperatures throughout the year and two seasons; the dry and wet seasons. Over many years the weather condition had not been consistent in some parts on the country. When the climatic condition is unfavourable for farmers, there would be a decline in the availability of food crops and other farm or forest produce.

The connection is quite an interesting one, looking at how mosquitoes provide food for bats, bats provide seed dispersal for natural germination or plants, plants allow bee-pollination which in turn allows the plants to reproduce and so on. When the climatic condition affects the weather negatively, nature would not function properly, you would have drought and unfavourable dry-land that kills off farming.

The forest in itself relies on a favourable climatic condition to survive and care for itself. A little knowledge of caring for our climatic condition goes a long way in our lives in the long run. As an individual, you can start by knowing the importance of the protective cover of our atmosphere, the ‘ozone layer’. Reducing the use of machinery that emits fumes would help keep the air clean and balanced for all living things including us and even our pets. The kind of vehicles we use, the kind of power generator we use to generate electricity, as well as the level of radiation in the atmosphere, must be considered. Also, encouraging ourselves to plant trees and do a little bit of gardening can save lives in the nearest future. Supporting the growth of trees can help regulate air in which the gaseous content expelled from plants help to clean the air and balance the atmosphere we live in. have you ever wondered why the shade of a tree is so cool? With a small token, you can start your own small gardening and experience life afresh and worthy.

We can jointly combat desertification and drought by practising the aforementioned tips above. This is is not only for us but for the sake of our children’s future, we need to have this tradition and pass it on to them to keep mother earth safe and sound.

Not to bore you too much with this topic but this is so important for your knowledge, in fact, the study of ‘Climate’ or ‘Climatic Change Education’ has been integrated into the curriculum of schools in some countries. Where does Nigeria stand concerning this?

Well, it starts with you.

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