Our stories would be incomplete without doing the ‘work’ in a mega city. With all the lights and shining things we know of we still have individuals who are living in extreme poverty. For us all, we need to do better, as citizens of each state we need to remember that when we are able to feed ourselves, some are struggling to survive daily.

Our founder Mr. Abideen Ojo and volunteers visited a slum in Lagos state, we thought we had enough meals to go around but what we saw was different from what we projected. The rate at which children needed to be fed, clothed and schooled was alarming. The adults were not well cared for too, many had health issues yet to be attended too.

Our visit to this slum in Lagos was a fact finding one, it is imperative to know that our organization can not do it all, other charity organizations too can not do it all too. It is a collaborative effort by you and I to help.

We can start by lending a helping hand to the needy, paying their hospital bills when we come across them at clinics, sending the little ones to school if we can afford it. Even the cheapest schools would make a difference in their lives. We can also help by speaking life to the hopeless and depressed ones. The best part is that the smallest alms go along way in helping them in their daily lives.

Many times, the needy barely asks for so much. Their lifestyle is simple, their living condition is poorer than our standards but still they are in high hopes for another day. The journey to the slum was a humbling experience, taking us aback and showing us how blessed many of us are.

You don’t have to donate to our website to do an act of kindness today, you can take a little change(money) and give the needy, it starts with you, we can all meet halfway.

We have more photos for this visit, click here to see them.

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