In a heartwarming display of community commitment, the Kiitan Foundation joined hands with the state Ministry of Education (MOE) to offer free medical services on December 14, 2023. This collaborative effort was more than just health checks; it was a gesture of goodwill, commemorating the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and staff welfare scheme of the ministry.

The array of services offered included essential health metrics such as blood sugar tests, BMI assessments, blood pressure checks, and invaluable consultations with the organization’s medical experts. It wasn’t merely a routine health check; it was a personalized gesture aimed at fostering the health and happiness of the dedicated ministry staff members. Our Foundation’s responsiveness to the ministry’s invitation reemphasized our genuine commitment to community welfare, turning a routine AGM into an event that prioritized the health of its workforce.

The staff members, appreciative and touched by this unexpected act of kindness, lauded us for our selfless sacrifices. The AGM transformed into a platform where not only professional matters were discussed but also where the health and happiness of the MOE family took center stage.

Our Foundation’s team captured moments of gratitude with the MOE staff as the event came to an end. The event culminated with warm accolades and a heartfelt vote of thanks from the MOE team. The MOE staff didn’t let the day end without showing their appreciation with a  generous sum of #15,000 only to the Kiitan Foundation team, a token of acknowledgment for our dedication, and words of appreciation and support. 

This day’s activity is a testament to the power of collaboration, compassion, and the profound impact community-driven initiatives can have. Kiitan Foundation’s commitment to communal well-being echoes far beyond the medical metrics—it resonates in the hearts of those we’ve touched. Here’s to more partnerships that prioritize not just professional ties but also the health and happiness of our communities!

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