The World NGO Day is a yearly observed on February 27 to celebrate, commemorate and collaborate with various NGOs all around the world. Recognizing this day aims at inspiring individuals to become actively involved with NGOs, both in the public and private sectors.

It also aims at educating individuals worldwide about NGOs and their impact in the world and their societies.
This day provides an opportunity to honour and remember NGO founders, employees, volunteers, members and supporters.

The first World NGO Day was observed by the United Nations in 2014, although it was officially recognised and declared in 2010 by member nations of IX Baltic Sea NGO Forum of the Council of the Baltic Sea States in 2010.

This day gives us an opportunity to reflect on the hard work and selfless services involved in our work. Currently, there are millions of volunteers, social activists providing their services to society and many of them doing it for free.

The day also helps people understand what NGOs actually do for society at a local, national and international level.

Being an NGO beckons hope for the present and the future, though we can’t stress our value in our immediate societies enough we are proud of what we stand for and impact of our works. Here’s to doing greater things and touching more lives!

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