The day of the girl child 11th of October is not just a day to celebrate and forget that there are struggles of the girl child. It’s not for us to shy away from the dimmed rights of girls to the basic necessities of life that they should have. It is fair to mention that even in the year 2021, girls are still seen as unequal to the boychild.
Let’s not forget that the girl-child is human, an individual existing in all her budding personality and not just about wearing pink.
In your kindest time, you as an individual either with or without a female child can adopt the following ideas for the girl-child in your community. Use given opportunities to protect and safeguard the girl child for with her our world can keep getting better.
Here are some ideas for you:
  • Develop decision making in her: Indecision can cause one to waste too much time worrying about the wrong things and end up experiencing blocks of failure in life.
  • Encourage her to be physically active: It’s not a new thing to exercise but we should not keep a girl child from; running; jumping; dancing; throwing and doing any other physical exercise to keep her blood pumping.
  • Encourage her to have good friends and be good to others: Good association would always bring grace and a shoulder to lean on when in need.
  • Always give her equal rights and status in the society: She should be able to stand side by side with others, she must not be looked down on or shouted down. She should be treated as a human with full equal rights too.
  • Provide her with the best possible education when you can: A quality education can be passed from one person to the other, do not ignore the girl child when choosing good and quality education for her. If it’s good enough for the boy, it’s definitely good enough for the girl et vice versa.
  • If you can, make her strong physically and emotionally: Looking at some adults today, we can see that they have setbacks because of the emotional and physical strength that they do not yet possess. While it’s not a wrestling match for the girl child, she should be able to lift her own weight and be useful to humankind while maintaining good emotional intelligence.
  • Pay attention to her diet: The female hormones are delicate, a bad diet can easily disrupt her physically, mentally and her psychological wellbeing. A good diet is encouraged for all regardless.
  • Instill in her good qualities of a sound individual: While nurturing or teaching a girl child, many good qualities that help her be a better version of herself should be encouraged, these qualities would always stand her out from others.
  • Do not be overprotective: Overprotectiveness would result in a child that lies, pretends, and is timid. It’s best to let her make safe mistakes that you can correct and provide guidance for.
  • Encourage her to have a dream: Encourage the girl child to her a dream and hope for a better future for herself regardless of her background.
  • Encourage her to conquer her fears
  • Encourage her to speak up without fallacies and prejudice: Do not shout a child down, as adults, you can quietly and patiently listen when she speaks, encourage her to know her right from wrong so that she can share her fears without letting things beat her down.
  • Avoid Spoiling Her: Do not fulfill all her demands especially those that are far-fetched. This will encourage stubbornness and high-headedness in her.

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