It’s always so exciting to bring you highlights from our events. Ever since we started our community soup kitchen monthly event, we realised that bringing many people together to dine on hot, healthy and well prepared meals created a oneness that we haven’t seen in a long while.

Firstly, an advocacy visit was paid to the community on the 16th of July, 2020 to seek the community indulgence for the soup kitchen, to create awareness about our objectives with town heads and also to explain the objective of the soup kitchen to them which was to improve the quality of life through serving of nutritious meal in the community. It was during this courtesy visit that we made to understand the importance of sensitizing the community about COVID-19 before the main purpose of the Soup Kitchen event.

We were able to secure the physical venue to carry out the event at Oja Timi, Iso Ege as it’s an open space for our such kind of event.

We began the event with a brief introduction of Kiitan Foundation, our goals and objectives then proceeded to sensitize the community members on the proper use of face mask as earlier agreed during the advocacy visit.

We can tell you that the event was successful as people came out in numbers to grace the event, we served meals to 400 beneficiaries for 3 hours without tiring out. It was a jolly ride for us to see the smile lighting up their faces and the satisfaction of getting well-fed.

We received people of all ages both male and female ranging from children, youths and adults. They came out joyfully as such an event had never happened in their community before. Our next soup kitchen would be targeting at more people in the respective communities and we hope to double up the people we feed in the future.

Here’s to another exciting event to come. Kindly see photos from the event here

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