With the ever-rising cases of domestic violence globally which has become a scuffle witnessed by many individuals in their daily lives, dating relationships, live-in couples and marriages, starting from the lowest social class up to the high and powerful persons in the society, It is very pertinent that this issue is visited from time to time. Domestic violence is an assault on an individual usually one partner, manipulatively abusing the other partner through physical, emotional and even sexual torture. It is a global menace which has its victims mostly women although not intended to exclude men. A number of the masculine gender are also victims of domestic abuse however the ratio of women to men is undeniably high. 
The domestic violence court case between former celebrity couple, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard further depict the horror of this vice which has not only built a tent of rivalry (possibly eternal) between these two but has also tainted both reputations through defamatory comments like violent physical attacks, abusive utterances and remarks which will most likely produce no positive impact for both parties.
In many cases around the world, issues of domestic violence have led to broken marriages, severe health complications and most times death. These victims are boxed into a life of trauma, anxiety, PTSD, and depression to name a few. The detrimental effects are not only felt by the victims but also by people around them most likely their children, they become relatively withdrawn from social activities because of the trauma they’ve experienced and are impaired in developing in the proper way expected of a child. Our society does not escape this brute, it becomes pervaded by violent individuals who were raised with bizarre ideologies like hitting a woman or a person should be a norm, it also deprives the society of individuals who encompasses positive values, and victims of abuse are unable to attain high valued potentials to contribute to societal growth. The abuser is also at risk of becoming abused.
Victims of domestic violence are often times unable to speak out as a result of threats and fear for their abusers despite the many policies and measures that have been placed globally to protect the abused and even when an attempt to voice out their grievances is made, they are faced with stigmatization. In curtailing this raving disaster, the world has a lot of work to do. Besides the implementation of stringent policies, individuals are advised to consult therapists to help manage and control personal anger issues or marital problems, they are implored to be conscious of their manner of expression towards their partners in the presence of their wards.
Our societies can also be of help by sensitizing individuals on the demerits and harm of not speaking up against abuse and also tuning down stigmatization towards the few who are courageous enough to speak out. As a few are able to overcome the trauma of domestic abuse, many do not recover from it and seek refuge in trusted friends and family.

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