As we mark our first year anniversary cheerily, we would love to share the messages from our founders; Mr. Abidden Olaitan Ojo and Ms. Rahmat Ojo.

Our founder; Mr. Abideen Olaitan Ojo wrote below;

“I can’t express the gratitude I felt this morning to feel so brand new today, maybe because I feel newly birthed everytime we do an outreach.

My hopes and dreams for humanity is getting stronger each passing outreach. For the smiles, the laughters and the safe place the beneficiaries have become accustomed to is what I, the co-founder and team members have come to guard so jealously.

We have visited over 30 communities with over 300 beneficiaries in each benefiting location from our outreach events since inception till now.

We do not only give but teach them the act of giving, our work for each outreach is undone when we don’t tell them to have hope and have the attitude of sharing with or giving to others.

Thousands of people have felt the goodness of genuine giving and kindness from our donors. Our donors have been our bedrock since we began operations. Their humble and happy giving tops it all for me and I hope that you do agree too.

We can’t tell you all enough how grateful we are for your support. Our volunteers have supported us one way or the other physically and digitally. You have pledged your time and strenght to our causes. You have showed up time and time again for all our Outreaches and you have made it all make so much sense.

Thank you.”


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