The world today celebrates the feminine gender of all races, traditions, and ethnic groups for their achievements and contribution to our communities, nation,  and the world in general. We celebrate a group that has constantly proved its importance and capabilities and the unstoppable influence it besets. Women have in past and recent times topped leadership and award-winning positions in entertainment, politics, sports, and philanthropic deeds which have contributed to international development whilst also exemplifying a reputable image of emulation. 

Nonetheless, It is worth noting that despite these commendable feats that have been accomplished, a lot still appear to be plucking off their wings. These limitations are an infringement of women’s rights, limited access to education, low political representation, gender pay gap, vulnerability to societal ills and customs, marital violence, gender discrimination, and a long list of other biases. 

In the health sector, women suffer the most from the inadequacy of our government to improve healthcare. Maternal death rates have surged and complications have arisen in the process of childbirth. 

The month of March is dedicated to identifying issues that concern women and striving toward equity by observing the global efforts of ordinary women in attaining extraordinary success.  The world must embrace equity by collaborating with women and eliminating the areas that diminish their value and pose a threat to the actualization of their dreams. We must embrace equity in not just words and policy-making but backing it up with actions that audibly show support for the goal. This month affords us enough time to retrace our steps and engage in the global theme of investing in women for improved innovation and technological advancement by funding educational projects for women, empowering them financially, supporting soft skill acquisition, particularly in the thriving tech industry, and encouraging business ideas. 

To the sole source through which life comes to the world, we can do better in solidarity with them. Even as individuals, we can contribute by lending our voices to the voiceless and investing in our daughters, sisters, wives, nieces, and female acquaintances. Having a high influence on societal decisions, religious bodies are not excluded from this. 

The change we seek begins with one and extends to all to produce benefits that are beneficial to the majority. We can bridge this gap that fosters marginalization and create an environment of enablement for an even greater good. 

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