Kiitan foundation proceeded with the ‘FIND ME’ project with the University Teaching Hospital of Osun state in the month of July, 2021. We were able to rescue baby Aluko Abigeal this time around. We identified this beneficiary during one of our follow-up visits to the hospital premises of one of our organization’s beneficiaries at the eye clinic on July 9th. We were approached by a well-meaning pediatric doctor who asked the Osun state representative for assistance concerning baby Abigeal.

According to the attending physician of this case – Dr. Olaniyi Adediwura, the baby was born prematurely 5 months ago and was still underweight at 1.5 kg as a result of failure to thrive as a normal baby should, the child was suffering from secondary malnutrition. She added that the child was the 3rd child of triplets (born 5 months ago) but the only survivor. The baby has not been breastfeeding since she was born and the mother has been unable to afford infant formula due to lack of funds. The child had only been on a diet of plain pap that resulted in malnutrition. The child was admitted to the Children Emergency Unit (CEU) of the institution.

We, Kiitan Foundation were able to work swiftly with getting the beneficiary the necessary funds that were needed to save the baby’s life through a donation of Ninety-Five thousand naira (#95,000.00 or $192) only to cover the baby’s hospital bills and a carton of infant formula.

We presented the funds to the mother by the name Ms. Adesike on the 26th, July 2021 at the pediatrics Medical ward of the teaching hospital by the Osun state representative.

As at our last visit to the hospital baby Abigeal had gained a weight of 2.15 kg and the mother also added that she eats a can of infant formula ( my buoy) for 3 days, she was happy to share with us that she has also started lactating again. We welcomed the mother’s joy and appreciation of the Kiitan Foundation for our rescue work and generally just being there at the time of need.

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