This December – It is the season of love and giving, the season of expressing kindness and support, and the season of spreading reassurance and merriment to the beneficiaries of our causes. In the spirit of kind giving and the reason for the season, we organized an outreach program for the Aro community in the Egbedore local government area of Osun state on the 22nd of December.

The outreach was organized specifically for the widows and aged people in the community. Our target was to distribute packs of rice, vegetable oil, salt, and tomato paste to 30 widows and elderly individuals who could not afford the means to celebrate the season. In the course of distributing the hampers to the beneficiaries, some of the community chiefs attempted to covet the items and deprive the main beneficiaries of access to the gifts. Upon realization of this, our team resolved to distribute the items to 20 beneficiaries and split the 10 remaining packages to 20 other persons through a door-to-door distribution at the Oje Olobi market environs.

The beneficiaries were elated at the gifts received and expressed gratitude through words of prayers for the foundation. They also sang a merriment song in their dialect to show more appreciation.

The season is still at its dawn and you too can put a smile on the face of another, especially a needy person. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to spread love to people around and beyond you, give them a reason to smile, and also a reason to celebrate the season of love and a new beginning.  There is no better time than now! Go to our page at Get-Involved to see how you too can give a little or a little on the path of kind giving and volunteering.

Check out photos below:

Happy Holidays!!!

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