Many women are still afraid to speak up, take charge and stand tall in today’s world. Now what you wouldn’t know is that the quality of our generation and future rests in the hands of women. How?

A woman is tasked to bear children, nurture them with love and wisdom, guide them, educate them and hold their hands to stand in life’s journey.

When a woman is suffering from; mental health issues, physical abuse, illiteracy, inequality, reproductive rights violation, injustice, racism, body shame, employment inequality, and so much more they tend to find it hard in raising little humans who can become great in the future positively. It’s a ripple effect and whether or not we think it concerns us, it would affect us one way or the other either directly or our children may mix up with people who are termed to be too ‘damaged’ because of their backgrounds and the end results are never favorable.

What you can do?
– Engage in educating the people around you about the importance of caring for and protecting women.

– Speak up when a woman is being harassed around you.

– Call the security agents if you notice a woman is in danger and is being physically abused.

– Ensure that the girl child is educated and learns a sustainable trade.

– Teach the boy child to understand the values of life, their bodies, and learning to say and understand ‘NO’.

– Teach all children and adults on body positivity.

– Teach all children to be a protector instead of a bully.

– Show the boy-child to embrace his emotions and not to hide them.

– Give equal job opportunities to women in your company or departments.

– Ignore gender type when making professional decisions for your company, avoid the sexism syndrome.

– Encourage female family members to empower themselves and embrace who they are as a person.

This is not all but a step forward and towards success for all, we only have one another and it’s high time we take responsibility for our future. It starts with YOU.

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