On June 26th, 2024, we held an event at Adventist Grammar School in Ede, aimed at empowering young girls with essential knowledge about menstruation and hygiene. The Girl Child and the Pad Program welcomed 150 enthusiastic female students from SS1 and SS2, all eager to learn and engage.

Starting promptly at 9:40 am, the program provided comprehensive education on various aspects of female health. Students delved into topics such as the female body genetics, the menstrual cycle, and the importance of proper menstrual hygiene. They learned about the complexities of menstruation, including symptoms, the menstrual cycle, and ovulation. Additionally, they received crucial information on the appropriate use of sanitary pads, emphasizing their advantages over cloth and tissue paper, and the importance of proper sanitary disposal.

A dedicated nurse guided the students through hygiene practices during menstruation, ensuring they understood the importance of maintaining cleanliness and health during this period. The interactive session allowed students to ask questions and seek clarification on various concerns, including pain relief options during menstruation, understanding vaginal discharge, dietary considerations, and the role of female hormones in the menstrual process.

Each of the 150 students left the session with newfound knowledge and complimentary sanitary pads, equipping them to manage their menstrual health more effectively. The event ended on a high note, with the students and facilitators capturing the moment in pictures.

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