Kiitan Foundation pays attention to the beneficiaries of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. During one of our past charity events, we came across two individuals in need of eye-care medical attention. We emphasize and encourage the needy to never take their health both physical and mental for granted.

We booked the two individuals into our calendar to take charge of their optical needs. As harmless as one of the beneficiaries looked with his makeshift frames, our representative was concerned with how he had managed with the substitute spectacles that he wore all through our charity event.

We organized their scheduled visits to Uniosun Teaching Hospital, Osogbo which is formerly known as Lautech Teaching Hospital, Osogbo. The beneficiaries who happened to be Mr. Ogbonanya Anya and Mr. Ogunbode Mutairu of the Alajue community on their first visit to the institution were seen at both General Out-Patient Department (GOPD) and also the eye clinic. They were further scheduled for follow-up visits after series of investigations were conducted on them. The medical personnel in charge of their cases discovered the presence of high blood pressure and also some eye defect which could not be ascertained as at the first time they were check.

The two patients were both placed on both antihypertensive and eye medications respectively. These drugs were procured and handed over to them. Also, correspondences were assigned to them to ascertain the judicious use of all these medications and the status of their health conditions.

From left, Mr. Ogbonanya Anya, the state PR, and Mr. Ogunbode Mutairu

After further tests, Mr. Ogbonanya was diagnosed with hyperopic astigmatism presbyopia, and the doctor planned for him to have glasses for the correction of the eye defect. Also, Mr. Ogunbode was diagnosed with pathological amblyopia despite the drugs prescribed by the optician. They have both since been booked for more clinical visits.

We appeal to you our kind donors to never forget that beneficiaries like these are one of the reasons our organization was set up. We want and hope that you are able to support our work by Getting Involved one way or the other. You can donate, volunteer, or partner with us in alleviating poverty and health conditions harming the needy today.

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