COVID-19 Outreach Relief Initiative, April 24th 2020.

It has been a very fruitful month for us at Kiitan Foundation. The highlight of the month for us is setting a new record of touching over 400 lives in a day.

Here’s is how it went, Kiitan Foundation targeted over 400 individuals affected by the compulsory lockdown in Nigeria, many people were unable to make sales from their trades as a result of unavailable buyers who could afford their good or services, some could not receive money from their children or helpers living in the cities, our first stop point was Ede South, Osun state. We were warmly and joyfully received by members of the community. Raw food packages were distributed from house to house to residents while others queued for their own collection.

At Ede North, we also distributed food items to widows, the aged, young men and women, pregnant women and others. These relief items were well received and appreciated by the communities and many attested to how the food items would go a long way in relieving and providing sustenance to them in these trying times.

People present at the outreach:1 PR Representative, 3 volunteers, 1 official photographer, 2 drivers, 4 Mobile Security escorts and 2 Co-founders.


The purpose of this program which is to provide support to people in the aforementioned communities who are finding it difficult to feed as a result of the effect of the lockdown was successfully met.

The volunteers had hands-on experiences that immersed them in their immediate and far communities through volunteering and service-learning. 

Our hope is that this program continues to grow and maintain its important role and status of bringing support, relief and empowerment to disadvantaged communities and all those who need these support.

You can view all photos of the event here.

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