It is no news to the world about the current situation between Russia and Ukraine. This conflicting situation which began on the 24th of February with Russia invading the territories of Ukraine has led to the loss of many lives and properties.

This situation has also resulted in people fleeing their homes to seek safer places for refuge. According to reports, the Russian troops have successfully taken over cities like  Kherson, Mariupol, Kyiv, Kharkiv and more than a million people have since fled the country amid assaults.

In a situation of crisis such as this, people tend to seek the intervention of Charity Organizations, NGOs, and also capable individuals in providing for the needs and welfare of refugees.

The effects of war which are most likely negative, have a tendency of affecting the victims and leading to situations of hunger, sickness, disability, malnutrition, sexual abuse, depression, and also psychological trauma, especially in children.

Charity Organizations can help alleviate these effects on victims through charitable acts like providing food supplies, assisting in evacuating people from unsafe locations, accommodation to affected individuals, providing counseling, medical care to abused and injured persons, etc. Religious bodies are also involved in providing as much assistance needed and also reaching out to conflicting countries for peace talks. Individuals are also not left out in offering charitable assistance by donating their fairly used items, financial support, providing shelter when in a position to do so, volunteering in refugee camps, engaging in social media trends that promote peace talks, and a lot more.

The importance of Charity can never be over-emphasized as it serves a key purpose in the ways in which it affects the lives of thousands of individuals. In the words of Saint Thomas Aquinas, “Charity brings to life again those who are spiritually dead”. Therefore, in carrying out Charity activities, we are also investing in the spiritual lives of people we come across. World Central Kitchen, Global Empowerment Mission, International Rescue Committee, Save the Children are a few of the many organizations that have assisted victims in this time of crisis.

What are you planning to do to help the needy at this time of unrest all over the world?

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