Our train of charity made a stop at the Joint National Association Of Persons With Disability, Egbedore LGA Chapter, Awo on the 16th of November 2022. This program was particularly a special occasion for not just the beneficiaries but also the foundation. It was the unveiling of our foundation’s charity for the disabled with the JNAOPWD (Joint National Association Of Persons With Disability) in Osun state. In caring for and supporting individuals with medical checkups and professional consultations, supporting and sponsoring children in their education, and occasionally conducting outreach programs for the girl child, we realized the need to extend support to these individuals who, even with their disabilities, still form a part of the society and deserve recognition. The objective of the program was to identify the disabled in the community and establish a need-based assessment.

The program started at exactly 11:30 am with an introduction by the chairman of the union, he welcomed and introduced our organization to the union and further discussed his previous encounter with the foundation during our youth empowerment project a year before; the 30th of April, 2021 at the Awo Community Hall, he expressed his excitement to experience another of our emphatic work of charity. The attendees were briefed about our success stories and works in the state of positive change to society whilst encouraging them to be their neighbor’s keeper.


The beneficiary union leader informed the members that the wheelchairs were relief donations to members who needed them, he emphasized that the wheelchairs were not to be sold and in cases of nonuse, they however must be returned to the union and reassigned to another needy member. The members of the union expressed undiluted gratitude through claps and songs of praise for the unexpected support.

Four pre-selected beneficiaries from Ara, Iwoye, and Iragberi (Egbedore LGA) based on the level of disability and need were called out by the union’s leader for presentation and photographs. After the presentation, Mrs. Ayofe Esther, one of the members appreciated the kind gesture and support of the organization and said words of prayers for the organization, Mr. Taiwo (sign language interpreter) was called upon to appreciate the organization through sign language as well. The presentation came to an end around 12:40 pm and the organization embarked on another journey for the presentation of the last wheelchair at Ido Osun, Egbedore LGA at the residence of Mrs. Oyebowale, who is battling with a stroke. One of her caregivers appreciated the organization for the immense show of love just as the shirts worn by the staff depict “give, love, pray”.


It was an overall expression of emotions and gratitude from the beneficiaries as they shared the ways the relief material will ease their living conditions.  There is not always a reason to show love but an obligation to extend deeds of kindness, you are a beneficiary of God’s mercy and hence should be a benefactor to someone. See more images below.

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