We are blessed to have a growing family of volunteers. Since the inception of Kiitan Foundation in the year 2020, we have had many people simply reach out to us to support the work that we do.

We needed to show appreciation for their support and followership as we gained grounds in the world of charity giving. We called the appreciation event ‘Volunteers’ Hangout’

Our volunteers have shown a lot of dedication, commitment and sacrifices in the cause of helping the organization in it’s 2020 activities.

We also took the opportunity to bring them all together in one place cordially. They were introduced to themselves and each person had so much to share concerning experiences, ideas, expectations for Kiitan Foundation in the year 2021. They also shared personal aspiration as they looked forward to the year 2021.

The event took place in Osogbo, Osun state and it was a warm feasting for us with gifts being handed out to all that came. We also had a small segment for children as some volunteers came with their kids.

The event was hosted by one of the volunteers named Mr. Oyewusi Oyeniran who anchored different exciting segments of the event with each of the segment being entertaining and interactive. We had games and more discussions about our organisation. We also appreciated Dr. Mrs. Bayode O.A who recently joined as a volunteer medical doctor in November 2020 for our medical outreach and soup kitchen activity at Alajue. She talked about how she has enjoyed her stay with the organisation and is in high hopes to do more volunteer work in the future.

Another volunteer Adedokun Funmilayo shared her appreciation of the hands-on experience doing charity work with the foundation, she has never regretted volunteering.
Another volunteer Mrs. Olashore concluded that KIITAN FOUNDATION can simply be described as an organization with a BIG HEART as we have been meeting the needs of the people not minding the race, gender or tribe; and what surprises her the most is the way our organization structured all our projects by dining with the beneficiaries during Soup Kitchen events, medically attending to them and lastly solving the individual problem of the people in the beneficiary community.

The hangout came to an end with group photographs and sharing of hampers to the volunteers.

On behalf of our founder Mr. Abideen Olaitan Ojo, co-founders, and state representative, we appreciate all volunteers for their commitment, dedication and passion for the charity work. We encourage them to always portray the good image of the organization wherever they may be not minding that they are volunteers and to keep the zeal growing as 2021 will be a great year for the organization in achieving it’s goals and mission.

Check out photos of exciting moments below.

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