The coronavirus lockdown has been a very difficult pill to swallow but protection sure does better than getting infected and awaiting a cure. 

So, we are home and running out of essential supplies or we just need to make a quick stop someplace to fulfil an errand, here are important precautions to take while leaving home and heading out:

Kiitan Foundation community outreach for distribution of PPEs (Personal protective equipments)
  1. Avoid touching everything: As hard as it sounds we use our hands for so many things but the pandemic has made us realise how much we rely on our dominant hand, let’s start using our your knees, feet, elbows and knuckles to get things done instead.
  2. Avoid making shopping trips a source of entertainment: ‘It’s definitely not for the gram’, being smart about running our errands is paramount. Dashing into the store, finding what you need and purchasing it should not be a waltzing session where we waste time doing what is not needed and exposing ourselves to possible infection. Remember, the lockdown was enforced to keep you safe in your own clean homes.
  3. Practice social distancing: Staying 6 feet away from other individuals is achievable, keeping a safe distance and avoiding overcrowded places can safe your life or the lives of your loved ones. As the COVID-19 virus spreads quite fast with symptoms showing on some while some others unknowingly carry it and spread to the people around them, it’s a great idea to keep clear of crowded locations or standing too close to people.
  4. Wear a face mask in public places: As uncomfortable this protective equipment may seem, the facemask would prevent droplets from entering your nose and mouth while also encouraging you to avoid touching your face. If you run out of disposable facial masks, you can do a makeshift one found here by using readily available tools found in your home.
  5. Look for the automatic option: Wherever you find yourself, you need to be alert about your surroundings, look around and see if you the doors would slide open for you to pass through or a sensor is set in place to allow you perform some certain actions without touching if you find such arrangement, do the needful by allowing tech take charge this time around.
  6. Watch where you put your phone: Let’s pay attention to how we move our phones about from holding it in our phones and placing on surfaces to surfaces. Because the COVID-19 virus cannot be seen with naked eyes, our mobile phones can carry these droplets without our knowledge. We can just keep our phones to ourselves, or wipe them frequently with sanitizing wipes.
  7. Set aside your reusable handbags: Do remember that your purses, shopping bags or regular handbags are left exposed and are usually allowed to swing freely, you have to be mindful that on getting back home, you separate them from the ones you’ve not been taking out. There’s a lifespan of the virus when left on surfaces and this can work in your own advantage.
  8. Don’t sort through produce with your bare hands: The most popular gloves to protect your hands are the surgical gloves, they are. breathable and prevent droplets from passing through as long as they are not torn. wear a pair when sorting through what you have purchased (raw food) before washing.
  9. Avoid touching: Another reminder here is to mind what we touch and when we can help it, we strongly advise you not to touch at all.
  10. For food and package delivery, embrace the unusual: Keeping your distance means that you’ll need to get comfortable speaking through closed doors or screen doors rather than rushing forward to help the person delivering you packages, mail or food. it’s appropriately cautious for this time of extra caution, to help protect you and others by keeping your distance.
  11. Wash your hands every time you get back home: This a habit to favourite at the moment, wash – wash – wash. If you don’t have soap at hand, a hand sanitizer would help.
  12. Don’t neglect your car and home: All surfaces around you should be kept clean and thoroughly wiped with disinfecting solvents. When an outsider enters your home, ensure to wipe surfaces they touched such as door handles, table, edges, etc.
  13. Carry hand sanitizers, extra napkins, disinfecting wipes and facial tissues
  14. Stop handling cash: This legal tender for doing business has been a major device the coronavirus can latch on quickly as it is widely acceptable for commerce, now we have been advised to go cashless for our own good. Still, no touching.
  15. Banish questionable items to a long time out: If you see find anything you don’t need, stop being a hoarder. If you don’t remember bringing it home, toss it in a safety bag and put it out quickly.
  16. Keep track of the coronavirus pandemic: Pay a whole lot of attention news and help tips about the pandemic as scientists and medical professionals are researching ways to beat the virus hands down and reliable information is key in this period.

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