Children all over the world were celebrated on the 27th of May to recognize and appreciate their existence and contributions to the world. On this day, KiitanFoundation organized a program at Legacy College Academy, Saw-mill area, Oke Gada, Ede. The event which commenced at exactly 11am with different fun activities lined up to make the celebration an unforgettable experience for all. The children were extremely excited to be graced with this fun occasion and were actively involved in every aspect of the program. They presented to the audience a didactic play that depicts the struggles of a young child to the point of success; leaving us with a lesson to always be keen in our pursuit for set goals as these struggles are only meant to make one stronger and test our resilience. They were all presented with a notebook each to appreciate their wonderful performance.

Another exciting performance was the talent show where 3 participants demonstrated skills like imitation, acting, and also making different animal animals. This intensely cracked up the audience, everyone was entertained and the participants each got a jotter as a reward for their participation; face and canvas painting materials were made available to the children with facilitators guiding them on the art of painting. They were able to show their ability to be creative, the teachers and volunteers were also not left out of the fun too as they joined in the painting and other fun activities carried out including games, quiz, playlet and many more.

It was all fun and jolly moments for everyone, the students were particularly excited as it was the first ever free event for them at Legacy College, Ede and as well had an opportunity to receive gifts including those who didn’t have a chance to participate in any of the activities.

At about 1:45 pm, the celebration was brought to a close with refreshments shared to both students and teachers. It was indeed a pleasant experience for us, being able to bring happiness and joy to Legacy College while spreading love and care.
We earnestly look forward to another Children’s Day Celebration with high hopes of doing even better. Enjoy some of the photos from the event below.

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